Paradigmatic Models in Social Sciences

Politecnico di Milano
Sept. 26 - 28, 2016

11th SICC International Tutorial Workshop "Topics in nonlinear dynamics"
Paradigmatic Models in Social Sciences

Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria, Politecnico di Milano
Via Ponzio 34/5, 20133 Milano, Italy

September 26 - 28, 2016

Exam for PhD students

If you are a PhD student at Politecnico di Milano, please follow the rules below to pass the exam (5 credits):
  • You should attend at least 70% of the lectures (that is, at least 4 half-days out of 6: attendance sheets must be signed for each half-day).
  • After the end of the school, but before October 1st, 2017, write an email to the school organizer ( Specify whether you are interested in a particular topic and/or in the supervision of a specific lecturer.
  • You will be assigned to a lecturer, who will entirely take care of your exam. You will agree with him on the topic of your exam.
  • The exam will consist in studying one or a few papers or in a specific project involving analytical and/or numerical analyses. A written report must be sent to the lecturer by email.
  • Unless differently agreed upon with the assigned lecturer, the report should be no longer then 5 pages, and typically organized as follows: title, abstract, review (long summary of the lecture/papers - 3/4 pages), comments (criticisms on the content and/or style, suggestions for improvements, possible applications, new experiments, etc. - 1/2 pages)
  • Reports that only summarize the studied material (thus missing personal criticisms, suggestions for improvements and extensions, new interesting results, etc.) will not reach the maximum grade.
  • The exam must be completed (report delivered) within six months from assignment. Please note that it will take a few weeks to assign the exam after request, and to grade the report after delivery.
If you are a PhD student of another University and you need to pass the exam, please follow the same rules (important: you should also sign the attendance sheets).